SteelBOM and SteelBOMplus - Version 7.2

The Romac Steel Bill of Material program is a full featured, economical software product to help expedite the processing of your steel bill of material projects.

Here is a versatile tool to improve the consistency, speed, accuracy, and detail of your material lists. The manual method of weight calculations, surface area calculations, sorting, and totaling are eliminated. Accurate weight units, surface area units, and weight totals are at your fingertips.  Can be used as an aid in estimating, advance bill of material, cutting lists, or anytime a steel materials list is needed. 

Features Include:


System Requirements:

The program requires Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.


SteelBOMplus(includes integrated Length Nesting and Plate Nesting) ... $695.00

Discounts for additional users, multiple licenses ... Inquire

30-Day Trial Evaluation:

Download a free trial evaluation today.

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