Length Nesting - Version 2.1

The Romac Length Nesting program is designed to assist in determining cutting sequences for linear items such as bar, tube, pipe, beams, etc. The program allows you to enter a list of cut lengths along with available stock, a cutting pattern is then produced which shows a suggested utilization of available materials.

Features Include:

System Requirements:

The program requires Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.


Length Nesting (First installation, first site) .... $295.00

Package Specials

(Length Nesting and Plate Nesting) ... $495.00

(SteelBOMplus - Includes integrated Length Nesting and Plate Nesting) ... $695.00

Discounts for additional users and/or additional sites.

30-Day Trial Evaluation:

Download a free trial evaluation today.

Nesting data import utility. A utility program is available to convert ASCII files to a file format compatible with our Length Nesting and Plate Nesting programs. Click here for additional information.

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