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The Material List Utility is used to convert bill of material list from one file format to a different file format. Typically the bill of material is imported from one format then exported to the other format. Currently, the Material List Utility does not support any editing or modification of the bill of material between the import and export operations. You do have the ability to sort and combine similar items.

Version 1.0 of the Material List Utility supports data import from the following import formats:

Version 1.0 of the Material List Utility supports export to Romac Length Nesting Version 2.0 and Romac Plate Nesting Version 2.0 file formats.

Creating User Configured Import Templates

For import files with comma delimited fields.

For import files with fixed length fields.

Dimension Types

Several different dimension schemes are supported for the width and length fields in user configured ASCII import formats. They are:

Importing Data

To import data, you first select the file format of the data you are importing. If the import format specifies a file extension, only those data files will be listed. Select a file to import then click the 'Open' button. If the file is valid, it will be imported and displayed. The following fields will be imported:

Import notes for Kiss and Structural Material Manager format files - The piece mark will be imported into the Piece ID field. If the record contains a material specification, it will be appended to the Description.

Warning - Romac Computer Services, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any data processed by this program. The user should check all data closely.

Exporting Data

Data can be exported to files compatible with Romac Length Nesting Version 2.0 and/or Romac Plate Nesting Version 2.0. Prior to exporting, the program will sort and combine the material list if the user has not previously sorted and combined the list.

Items with width and length will be exported to Plate Nesting compatible files. Items with length only will be exported to Length Nesting compatible files. Items without width or length will be skipped.

A log listing the descriptions and the name of the file that the data was exported to is available for viewing or printing.

Download Information

The Material List Utility is available at no cost to users of Romac Length Nesting Version 2.0 and/or Romac Plate Nesting Version 2.0. The program must be installed onto a system that contains either the Romac Length or Plate Nesting programs. Click here to begin the download procedure.

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