ROMAC Downloads & Updates

Downloads & updates are for users who have purchased full versions of ROMAC software applications and are currently covered by a valid Annual Support & Maintenance (ASM) agreement. You must select and download a version with a date that is prior to your 'ASM Valid Through' date. Updating your software will not affect the activation status of your installation.

How to determine your 'ASM Valid Through' date:

1. Open your ROMAC product
2. Click on Help on the top menu and select About
3. The product name and currently installed version number will be displayed at the top
4. The ASM Valid Through date will be shown just above the user name

Has your ASM agreement expired? Click here to contact us for information on how you can easily renew or begin your ASM agreement.

What is ASM? Click here to learn more.

Please be sure to enter all of the required information below before selecting your product in the list. After you select your product you will be able to see all of the versions/upgrades that are currently available. Again, be sure to only select a version that has a date that is prior to your 'ASM Valid Through' date.

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